True Incident Information

A gruesome incident of dumping a 5-hour old baby girl in Mandsaur area of Madhya Pradesh has come to light.

An unidentified person left the baby in a pile of ashes and also kept a stone weighing 10 kg on the girl making sure she dies of the weight.

The incident took place on Friday. In the meanwhile, a woman passing by the area heard the sound of the baby weeping and found the girl.

With the help of the villagers, she took her to the district hospital. Currently, she is admitted in SNCU.

According to doctors, there are scratch marks on the baby’s body but her condition is said to be stable now.

The woman named Reshma was on her way to Daurwarhi Marg along with her husband Govind when she heard the voice of the baby.

She informed the villagers about it and when people gathered around, they saw that the newly born baby was dumped in the pile of ashes and a heavy stone was kept on her chest.

Thereafter, the Police were informed about the incident and an ambulance was called on the spot.

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