About The Director

Mr. Akash Mihani has completed his film-making gratification from the renowned Film-Making institute, ZIMA ñ Media and Institute. He also holds a diploma in Animation Film-Making from Zee Institute of Creative Animation (ZICA).

Though the qualifications are high its only his apassion and dedication towards Film-Making and love for the world of cinema that has driven him to direct his first short film, “MUM”.

Apart from the world of Film-Making, Akash Mihani has proven his excellence in the world of Animation, Graphic Designing, Screen-writing and directing documentaries and Music Videos.

His mettle and thirst of perfection has always been a catalyst in inspiring and motivating the young talents in achieving their goals. It’s a well-known fact for the people around him that motivating and inspiring people has been his forte. But this forte was taken to next level by bringing together a team of talented young people and forming a company, Sirius Motion Pictures.

The inspiration behind the name was the brightest star in the darkest sky, SIRIUS. The name itself is evident to understand the idea of work.

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