Journey of Mum

I think the story itself was so powerful that I couldn’t say no. I still remember the day when i heard the story. I had goosebumps.

I made up my mind that I will be doing this film, come what may. But just like the films story, our journey till production wasn’t easy.

We have been through some tough times trying to make this happen. Many boulders were thrown on our way to try and crush our dreams, one among them being “My Accident”, my left leg shattered into 28 pieces, but of course not our dreams.

Even during the production, there were some unexplainable and uncontrollable obstacles ready to ruin all our effort. Rain was another biggest threat but still we managed to make it possible after 21 months of hard and sincere work.

So, yes it obviously makes me feel good about the dedication and effort and passion taken by the team in sending out this message.

I would also like to sincerely acknowledge the direct and indirect efforts and continuous support given by all of those who have been through this journey of MUM with us. We gratefully thank you for everything you have blessed us with

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